Code Export - Based on Org-Mode Literate Programming

I use Obsidian to study for college and work, and do lots of coding stuff, but Javascript isn’t my forte.

My idea is to have something like Emacs Org-Babel Mode Literate Programming.

I want to be able to write fences of code and document it in the same file, then be able to export the contents of the code fences to a file.

I can write the plugin I guess, if someone can show me how to get started.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

PS: Sorry about my English, not my first language. I’ll be happy to correct anything that is wrong written or poorly explained.

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What would the resulting file be — a PDF? Something else?

The necessary output would be a file with the extension of the fences and the name of the markdown file that is being edited.
It may have a PDF export, to use as documentation but this is already possible.
To be completely honest, I just want a Emacs feature on Obsidian.