Code blocks break lists in Live Preview

When using code blocks in Live Preview, the list gets broken.

In Live Preview:

  1. create (ordered or unordered) list with first entry.
  2. at the end of the line, hit enter to create the second entry
  3. press CTRL+enter to go to a new line but not create next list item (so code block can be added to the second entry)
  4. use shortcut / command to add code block

Code Block should be added. Pressing Enter at the end of the code block (after the three backticks) should create the next list entry.

Code Block gets added but pressing Enter at the end of the Code Block results in new line that is not part of the list anymore.

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please search before posting

I dont know what the scope of the Live Preview feature was.
Logically one would assume that rendering all markdown supported code correctly would be part of this scope.

This would make the behavior a definite bug and not a feature request.
Arguing the same way, EVERY bug could be categorized as a feature request (to remove the bug).

So naturally I DID of course search before posting.
But only in the correct category, not in feature requests.

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It’s useful to search all categories first because, aside from how the devs categorize things, users may post help or feature requests about the issue that can add info or provide context.