Code block with horizontal scroll bar

What I’m trying to do

Hello, I am new to obsidian and I fairly new to MD editors. I used hackmd. io and I liked the horizontal scroll bar for long lines of code. My buddy told me about obsidian and he said that it has horizontal scroll bar-or at least it used to before the latest update. How do I add that functionality back into my workflow? From what I could find searching the community, there is some CSS code snippets that can be added but from the comments they do not look like normal scroll wheels or it messes up. I also am not sure where to add the CSS code so If anyone has the solution please let me know! Thanks a lot!

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In the settings under the “Editor” tab you can turn off “Line wrap” to perform this.

Make sure “Readable line length” is also turned off

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Unfortunately, that removes line-breaks for all text, including regular paragraphs. I haven’t found any solution. The code lines (.cm-line) aren’t in a common div, so adding horizontal scroll using only CSS puts a scrollbar on each line.

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any updates on this? can we atleast know when do devs plan on fixing this odd behaviour?