Code block default language setting

I haven’t found a feature request, but there was a related help request a while back: Default language in code block

Use case or problem

The code block is an excellent piece of functionality for those collecting code snippets. I tend to the system administrator side of life and most of my snippets are in the bash language (I would imagine that heavy code block users each have their own most used language). While it doesn’t take a huge amount of time to type “bash” following the backticks in the code block, but over hundreds of code blocks it adds up.

Proposed solution

A settings field to set default code block language. Specifying language in the code block overrides the default.

Current workaround (optional)

I’m not currently using any workarounds, but I suppose that text snippet functionality or text expander functionality might be used. I’m not convinced it would save keystrokes though.

Thanks for listening.

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