Cmd + P to close Command Palette, Cmd + O to close Quick Switcher

Very very minor request, that might belong elsewhere because it’s so small. I want the keyboard shortcuts that open the Quick Switcher and the Command Palette to also close them. (Couldn’t find an existing request.)

Use case or problem

I open the Quick Switcher or the Command Palette using the keyboard shortcuts and want to close them quickly, without moving my fingers to Esc.

I especially want to do this when I open Quick Switcher just to see the names of files I’ve been working on recently.

Proposed solution

Let the keyboard shortcuts that open menus also close them: Cmd + O to close the Quick Switcher and Cmd + P to close the Command Palette


I second this. Wouldn’t mind a preview of the files either when using arrow keys to navigate the file list.

Maybe add some tab completion for folders, so we can create new files quickly within a folder.

How is the initial listing sorted? Is it last modified, last accessed? Just curious.


I also think this would be a useful feature! Maybe the implementation would be as a Toggle rather than Open (i.e. “Command palette: Toggle command palette”)

I’d also add Ctrl/Cmd + , . It opens the settings panel, and it could close it, too.

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Just chiming in to express additional support for this!

It is a minor change but one that would speed things up significantly for me.

Did this ever get addressed? Would be great to be able to change hotkeys for this!