CMD+P and Command Palette

Methinks Command Palette is a core plugin and so I hope reporting this here is correct.

Steps to reproduce

CMD+P (MacOS) or Ctrl+P (Windows) by default refer to printing, therefore defaulting this to Command Palette violates the standards for the OS.

Suggestion CMD+Shift+P/Ctrl+Shift+P are pretty safe to make as the new default.

Thanks, but I don’t think we are gonna change this . You can remap the hotkey to something else if you don’t like it.

I have remapped it.

My challenge to you. Think long term when you’re trying to work with users who aren’t highly technical. My wife rarely changes hotkeys and since the OS steals CMD+P before you get it she would always have to use the Palette via clicking.

Another way to frame it - by ignoring OS conventions the application is violating the standard practice for the platforms.