Cmd-O, clear suggestions to create new note after deletion

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Let’s say I have a note in a “Folder A” called “Note A”. Forgetting that that page was created, I create a new note called Note A, which initially gets placed outside my folder stucture. I start working on that note, and later discover the first one. I decide that I want to delete Note A in Folder A. So far so good.

But now, when I search for Note A using Cmd-O, I see TWO Note A’s, the new one, and the old one, but with a add page icon next to it, and an indication that it will create that file in the same folder from which it was deleted. (so Obsidian is somehow still keeping track of my deleted file).

However, this adds a lot of noise as I do not want to see all these additional name suggestions in my Cmd-O list. If I’m doing things quickly and don’t notice the little add page icon, then I wind up creating a new note that I have to go back and delete it all over again—but no matter how many times I delete it, it will forever show up in my search with the option to re-create it.

Is there a way to turn this suggestion off?



Does the “old” note appear in the quick switcher (cmd-o) as dimmed? If so, then ur issue would be there is some other note has created an empty internal link (a link to a file that hasn’t been created). U will need to find that file and remove the empty link.

Additional info

When u create a duplicate notes, and u haven’t changed “New Link Format” settings (default to shortest path when possible), it will fallback to relative path. So ur empty link could be in this format [[folder/note a]]

you were 100% right, I had some instances of the old note referenced… Is there an easy/automated way to deal with old references? I went note by note from the search, but took some time.

however, the old note did not appear dimmed, just had the icon (see screenshot)

can you explain your additional info? I have link format settings to the default. should I have it otherwise? I read a few posts on this option, but don’t really get it.

thanks so much!

I don’t a Obsidian based solution to bulk replace content of notes. In the past I’ve used vscode to do some bulk search n replace of my Obsidian vault. See this post Batch Cleaning Mark down files before pasting into Obsidian folder in Windows explorer - #2 by efemkay

I hvnt used standard quick switcher awhile (so i guess the look changed). I use “Another Quick Switcher” plugin now. Also u didnt attached any screenshot.

Obsidian indexes all supported files in ur vault and keep that index in a separate db file. So it can afford to know that [[note a]] actually located in some folder within another folder. But if u open this in another markdown app (like zettlr, vscode with some plugin), they wont know, so u need to use relative path. But there’s a few plugin that allow u to convert that. So don’t have to worry for now (unless u really want to use multiple app concurrently)

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