Cmd/Ctrl-O Note Name Incremental Search does not work with Japanese IME

Steps to reproduce

  • Create two notes with Japanese names, for example:
    • こんにちは (= good morning)
    • こんばんわ (= good evening)
    • (I would like to do incremental search by typing こん and select こんばんわ)
  • Select any other note
  • Press Cmd/Ctrl-O to open the original note
  • Type こん - which requires typing return key to specify the string, which is the standard behaviour of Japanese IME in most operatiing systems
  • Obsidian also took this return key input as selecting the first candidate in the result of the incremental search (こんにちは).

Expected result

When specified こん (or a substring), i expect Obsidian to perform incremental search only and show the results - こんにちは and こんばんわ only, not open the file yet - because I haven’t finished typing

Actual result

It opens the first candidate as if I have pressed return key at the end of the string. The return key I typed was to terminate IME conversion, not for Obsidian.


If I complete the IME session by not Return key but any other keys - for example selecting one of IME conversion candidates by a number, Obsidian is not confused by the IME conversion session termination and the incremental search works well.


MacOS 10.14.6 and its built-in Japanese IME (Kotoeri)
Obsidian 0.9.10

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