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Microsoft OneNote has a handy shortcut “cmd + A” that I use all the time to select an entire line. And if you click it a second time it selects the entire document.

I really would like to use this as a shortcut in Obsidian to select the current line, but its default is to select the entire document. Is there a way to make it select only the entire current line?


Since you’re mentioning cmd I’m assuming you’re on Mac, and then you could try this combination: Cmd ← , Cmd shift → . That is cmd + left arrow to go to start of line, and then cmd + shift + right arrow to select to end of line.

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Thank you

This does of course work and is very helpful.

I wonder if anyone has come across a plug-in or a setting that can do this in one step.

A behaviour I like of onenote and various other note taking apps is the flexibility of cmd + a serving different functions depending on how many times it’s pressed

To answer your question, no there isn’t a way. (Unless that is something a plugin could control.)

To add to what holroy suggested, you can also triple-click a line. On Mac, BetterTouchTool or other tools might be able to customize that behaviour.

Also Cmd-<- only goes to the start of the wrapped line. Ctrl-A (on Mac) goes to the start of the entire line.

There is an open feature request here which may have other workarounds or suggestions. Hotkey for select curent line - #4 by malecjan

It’s an old post, but it sounds like QuickAdd plugin added a command to select a line. I never tried that.


If you use holroy’s suggestion, you can hold Cmd down the whole time instead of re-pressing it for the second combo.

If you use triple-click, it may sometimes require 4 clicks in Live Preview because Live Preview is funky.

Cmd + A on Mac is “Select All”; OneNote is breaking a system-wide convention.


Just to be painfully explicit, press the following keys (and don’t release until all has been pressed): cmd, , shift, (and release all). This is rather easily done if you hit the cmd with your thumb, and the shift with your pinky (on the left hand), and the arrows with the right hand.

And another tip, whilst using the keyboard, if one keeps holding the modifiers, one can use up- and/or down arrow to select everything above or below current line. Or if releasing the cmd, one can up and down line by line…


Thanks so much everyone for the help.

Still new to these forums. Do I mark this as a solution or can I keep it open in case someone is aware of a plugin / another workaround?

Up to you. If you’re hoping for something more, leave it open. If you’re content, mark a solution (the thread will stay open for a week after that before closing).

For those wondering, I’ve found a fix!

Download “Outliner” plugin from community. Theres a setting that’s enabled by default called “Enhance Ctrl + A or Cmd+ A behaviour.”

Thanks all for your suggestions

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