Cloud access via rclone

Hi, I just discovered something that I was perhaps the last one still unaware of: through rclone you can connect Obsidian desktop to a huge number of cloud services. Through this spectacular free open source software you can mount a drive on pc that links to the cloud storage of your choice and then allows Obsidian to access to any voult/folder inside it. I just tried it with a drive linked to Onedrive: Obsidian accesses and opens the voult that I had uploaded there with no problem.
Personally, the only downside I have experienced so far is just a slightly higher time in opening the notes. I would like to know if others of you are using the same system and what you think about it.

I use rclone, but only for backup. I have restic running in a docker container, with an rclone backend to backup my Vault to OneDrive.

Gives me incremental backups, and it works great. However, I don’t use rclone for the live vault.

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similar use here too. i use rclone for shoveling media into b2 and s3 buckets. then i can haul books into a cloud instance of calibre web that way. it’s a great tool. people use it to build hybrid tiered storage systems, but i don’t think i trust it for that sufficiently.