Closing and opening notes on mobile

Hi! On the android app I find it a little cumbersome to open and close notes. Is there an easier way to close a note rather than clicking on the upper right dots, then clicking again on the dots in the sidebar and finally clicking on “Close current pane”?
Oftentimes I have multiple panes opened on the desktop app and they get all synced on mobile (via Dropsync), where the screen is too small.

Also, is there a way to open the “open palette” on mobile, like I do with ctrl+O on desktop? Swiping from above to open the command palette is very convenient, maybe swiping from above with two fingers could bring the open palette?

You may be able to add the commands you want to the mobile toolbar. Go to Settings > Mobile and scroll down to see the list of available options, with a search bar at the end to add even more commands.

You can set the swipe from above to open the “open palette” instead of the command palette, if you like. It’s somewhere in Settings.

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