Close forum account, please

Could one of the mods please close / lock my forum account? Thanks in advance.

Have come to the end of my journey with Obsidian.

  1. I miss seeing invisibles (spaces, line breaks, paragraph returns, tabs) in CM6.
  2. Despite reading the documents nearly every single day, I just can’t get a firm handle on Dataview. I can get it to do lots of simple things but realise I just don’t have the nous to use it as I really want to.

Very grateful to Silver and Licat for developing such a great app and for also taking the time to answer my questions personally.

Lots of people have helped me on the forum, especially @moonbase59 and WhiteNoise.

The person who has been absolutely awesome in sharing their knowledge repeatedly is @mnvwvnm, and I am deeply grateful for every moment of their time that they have freely given to help me.

Love the app. Just not smart enough to use it.

Good luck with its development. Thanks to all.


  1. I recall there was a plugin for this obsidian://show-plugin?id=cm-show-whitespace-obsidian

  2. I don’t use it dataview a lot. I understand it can be very powerful but also very challenging. Do you really need to use it for your workflow?

The larger point is that there are many plugins in obsidian, there are many software outside obsidian, but we don’t need to use them. Sometimes they provide a marginal improvement that doesn’t justify the cognitive overhead.

Anyway, let me know if you wan to proceed. I will close your account and anonymize your posts.