Close all panes in sidebar

Now that we can have multiple panes in the sidebar, I think we need to be able to close all panes in the sidebar similar to the current Close all other panes. I’m not sure if the two commands should be combined or separate.

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This should be considered a bug. I now have three panes in the sidebar: file explorer, search and starred files and even on restart these panes remain!

I am a little lost here. Can’t you just move the pane that you don’t want in from the sidebar to the middle and then close it?

@WhiteNoise I don’t understand. Are you suggesting that we drag panes from the sidebar into the middle to close them? What if I have several panes open in the sidebar and just want to close them all at once?

I am not sure that @licat and @Silver had in mind a massive use of the sidebar for keeping notes. It was more an afterthought. We can do it, let’s do it.

Sure, if you keep a lot of tabs there, you are soon gonna need a way to manage them. Perhaps they could add a right-click on icon action that opens the menu with the pane options.

Keep it in feature request.

Those panes have always been there, where else do you want them?

Panes from the sidebar can not be moved to the middle area so no way to close them. RIght now what used to be one long vertical sidebar is split in three. I finally fixed it by removing the entire LeftSideDock section from .obsidian/config

Generally, panes in the sidabar can be moved in the middle.
You cannot move in the middle file explorer, search, a start.

IF have an issue with other panes being stuck in the sidebar, and can reproduce it, please file a bug report

I would at least like to be able to manage these panes. I recall clicking on something to open the graph view and the tag view but now can’t see any way to close them. There is also a note I created that is open on the top of the side bar (I don’t know why) and, for some reason, it can be neither closed nor dragged to the center for closing. Bit perplexing.

Here’s a screen shot:

I have no idea what the document on the upper right is doing there. It’s just a random note in my vault…cannot be closed or dragged.