ClickUp Sync

Anyone here using ClickUp to work in a team? I think this would be a great intermediate to have multiuser experience linked to obsidians amazing local pkm … sync tasks is a good idea - but even better would be a file sync to doc. maybe with a frontmatter toggle?

what do you think? are there any other users out there using clickup and would be interested?

cheers, arne


We use ClickUp and would love a sync plugin. Mostly for tasks - the rest is gravy

How brave you feeling? :slight_smile:

Reddit user u/mrworkboots (not me!) has a an integration of sorts. Outlined in the comments here.

Full disclosure: I’ve not actually gotten around to trying it.

What I am actually using is the Custom Frames plugin with the ClickUp URL embedded. Which is good enough for me right now…

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There is a plugin in beta for this sync GitHub - hokim-m/click-up-x-obsidian: Plugin to synchronize ClickUp in Obsidian notes


sadly i moved on from clickup to fibery … and now going back to obsidian …

Yeah. I was going to make one, forked from Todoist, as Clickups API is pretty easy to work with. Buttttt… I haven’t really gotten around to it.

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fibery looks good! I’ll have to check it out. Why are you moving away from it?

I’ve used ClickUp for 3 years. It’s good. Its customisable, but I kinda felt it lacked more database features.
But, I did love its chrome extension and its reminder module and the phone app reminder, oh, and the email → taskcreate inList was amazing.
But, its docs were terrible, so I stuck with obsidian for docs.
I did feel that the task management could easily get over cooked/ out of hand / over complicated really quickly.

What it failed to do though, was prioritise and time block for me, yet, not remove / mess up the due dates. I.e. it needed a fully functional (shows up on the calendar etc) “do date.time”.
For this, I moved to - worth checking out. bidirectional sync with google tasks makes things ‘simple’. BUT, a little too simple as it doesn’t support dependencies or subtasks (afaik).

fibery is amazing - i really love it. its a lot more work to setup though. as it can do really complex things. i love the look and the small details to make it really convenient to work with. their email and calendar integration is also useful.

im moving away because i want to have the data local on my machine and not rely on an online tool so much. and the project i was using it for is done for now.

i do really miss the interface and the structured data though - thats where i struggle the most with obsidian - there is simply no good way of structuring data on a page that looks good and is not a total mess when changing something later on … adding a field of data to the properties of a “class” for example - or renaming it … it that sense the real databases have a true benefit in my view. also nested properties is something that is really a mess in obsidian at the moment.
i do hope that they come up with a real database solution … that also provides a frontend editor so i can hand off data and can be sure another person can not mess a file up … thats my dream … haha