Clicking URL link has STOPPED working for one vault, not 3 others

Things I have tried

  • Putting the same link into other vautls - they work fine.
  • Putting the same link in a Word document - it works.
  • Various combination of ctrl-click. Nothing.
  • Tried the same vault with different computers.

I’m at a loss as to what to even try. Obviously

What I’m trying to do

Get back to where I can click a link and it opens the page in default browser like it used to and it does for the other vaults.

Can you show us the code you use for the link?
Also is the text styled as a link? If so, can you show us the html tag using the inspect tool (ctrl+shift+i) and post a picture of it like this?

If you don’t know how to do this, I explained it earlier how to select something using the inspect tool here:

That’s interesting.
In a new test vault where it works this is the code:
span class=“cm-url”></span
With the inspect too, I get this:
a rel=“noopener” class=“external-link” href=“” target="_blank"></a

When I paste the same link in to the broken vault this is the code:
span class=“fake-external-link” id=“fake_extlink” href=“”></span

When I use the inspect tool, I get this:
a rel=“noopener” class=“external-link” href=“” target="_blank"></a

Can you show me some screenshots?
I’m getting pretty confused out here, sorry :stuck_out_tongue:

Broken vault shows this:
xxxxxxxxxxxxx code with ctrl-shft-i xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

xxxxxxxxxxxxx code with inspector wxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

That’s weird, seems like the link tag is gone.
Have you tried to disable your plugins to see if a plugin is messing with something?

I’ll try and post the result.

Good catch. It’s the “Open Link With” plugin. When it’s set to system-default it won’t do anything. When it’s set to firefox or edge it will.
I don’t know how to set it to Chrome, since I’m not techy enough to understand the dev’s github page.
Thanks for pointing me in the right direction!

I just took a look at the plugin, and it works pretty simple.
What you want to do to add chrome is add code to the “Customization” in the settings of the plugin

I personally don’t use chrome, but Brave and it would look like this:

    "brave": [
        "C:/Program Files/BraveSoftware/Brave-Browser/Application/brave.exe"

So how it works:
Replace “brave” with “chrome”

Right click on your chrome application and click “Open File Location”.
Copy the path and change every “” with “/” as the plugin doesn’t seem to take those and give errors.
Make sure you add the application at the end of the path, in my case this is “brave.exe” in yours it most likely will be “chrome.exe”.

Now you should see an option “chrome” or in my case “brave”

Hope this helps

EDIT: Forgot to mention that my example is for Windows

Thanks, that makes sense and I could do this on WIndows. I was stumped how to do this on my Chromebook Linux system, (I don’t understand Linux). Not knowing JS either, I was stumped by “Profile should contain name(string): commands(string[]) which is demonstrated in the following”.
I had wanted to use either Brave (linux) or the default chromebook Chrome browser.
Anyway, you’ve shown me how to get the link function back and that’s what counts.

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If you can find the path where the application is on your Linux system, you can link it.
The plugin basically just is expecting a name (don’t matter what you put here, this is just for you to see) and a path to the application being in windows an exe. Don’t know what that would be on Linux as I only use docker on my Linux Server :smiley:

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