Clicking unfolded callout checkboxes refolds the calloutre

When a callout is folded by default ([!note]- instead of [!note]), clicking on a checkbox inside of it resets the state of the callout and folds it again. This makes using folded callouts with tasks impractical and annoying, effectively removing the benefit of folded callouts when it comes to hiding longer lists of tasks.

Steps to reproduce

Using the following callout, click on a checkbox.

> [!note]-
> - [ ] Task 1
> - [ ] Task 2

Expected result

I expect the callout to remain unfolded so I would be able to click on other checkboxes within the callout without having to unfold the callout after every click.

Actual result

The callout refolds upon clicking a checkbox.


  • Debian GNU/Linux 11 (bullseye)
  • v0.14.15
  • installer 0.14.05
  • sandbox

Additional information

This can be reproduced with or without live preview.