Clicking to Open a link


Brand new to Obsidian, have been using ROAM for a handful of months. I’m wondering if there is a setting to change how to open a link in double brackets.

Currently: I can be typing, then use [[ ]] to create a link. To open that link, I need to hold CMD+Click.

What I’m hopping for: The ability to create a [[ ]] link, and then just use a simple click of that link to open it.

Is this possible?

ctrl+click is for editor mode and only click is for preview mode.
Have you checked the hotkeys if there is something to change that?

Be aware of that obsidian has two mode: edit mode and preview mode, which is different from Roam.

So just press cmd/ctrl+e to switch to the preview mode, and then click the link [[]] to open it.

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There hasn’t been any activity for 5 days, could you please see if you’d like to pick any of the existing answers as the solution, or do you still need help with something?

Would appreciate it if you could clarify on that, thanks!

If this is about troubleshooting community plugins or themes, it might be a good idea to ask in #plugins and #css-themes on our Discord.