Clickable Obsidian url in gmail via Safari or Chrome on Mac?

What I’m trying to do

I know I can have clickable Obsidian urls in some apps, e.g. Things, etc.
I can also paste Obsidian urls in Safari or Chrome, hit return, and go to the linked note.

But is there a way to get/trick Safari or Chrome to recognize these as clickable links in a Gmail email?

Say I want to add a note to an email with a link to a note in Obsidian.
I’d reply to the email with myself as the recipient.
I’d paste the Obsidian link like this: obsidian://open?vault=obsidian&file=food%20stuff

If that was a web url, I could click on the link when I’m reading the email to open the appropriate page.

But Gmail? Chrome? Safari? doesn’t recognize the Obsidian link as a clickable link.

So I have to copy the Obsidian link, open a new tab, paste it in the url bar, and hit return.

Does that make sense? I would love to be able to just click on the link to take me to the Obsidian note.


A. This is clickable when viewing this mail in a browser:

B. This doesn’t seem to be clickable in any browser: obsidian://open?vault=obsidian&file=food%20stuff

Any idea if this can be done?

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Only looked briefly, but it seems this is a gmail security feature. Do you use the gmail web app? If so, using a 3rd-party email client may solve the issue.

Bummer. I actually prefer Gmail on the web vs 3rd party email clients. I was hoping there was a “hack” or extension that would allow this.

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