Click on external links in transcluded files

Use case or problem

I can click on any internal links in a transcluded note, and it will open the target note. But if I have a search configured as an external link, as in:

Clicking on it (when transcluded from another note) will not trigger the search. But if this were possible, one could create some contextual “menu bars” that would not actually “exist” within the current note’s content. The merit of this is that you could, in a template, transclude all possible tags for the created note – or emojis, following my example above – as a reminder without actually incorporating all tags within the created note. Does that make sense? There are probably several other use-cases that would benefit from this functionality.

Proposed solution

If possible, clicking on an external link in a transcluded note should trigger the action (execute a search, open a note in another vault, or launch a new tab in one's browser, for example) in the same way it would within the original note.

Current workaround (optional)

None yet...

Related feature requests (optional)


Here’s another example of why this would be useful. Let’s say your daily note includes a number of websites that you might check regularly. You could keep all these website URLs in a daily note template, but the clutter in edit mode is excessive.

If you could click on external links in transclusions, you could keep your website urls in a single bookmark file. Hovering over the link to the bookmark file in your daily note would surface the website URLs. Then you could just click. No fuss, no muss.