Click on embedded image to show it full-size?

What I’m trying to do

I’m looking for a way (or plugin) that makes embedded images ‘clickable’ so that one can easily show them “full size” while having them embedded at smaller size in reading mode.

Use case: I often take protocol notes of my work including screenshots at full 4k resolution. I embed and display them with smaller size to have a “thumbnail” like link in my notes. However, when reading the notes, I want to be able to “blow up” the image to full size temporally to see details and then quickly return to my notes.

I know that I can CTRL click the link in edit mode to navigate to the file, but I want to be able to do that in reading mode, plus: It would be nice to open the image in a separate window that can just be closed.

I’d be fine using a plugin.
Also: I’m primarily using this on the desktop.

Things I have tried

Embedding images like below to have a link with the image as workaround.

![[Pasted image 20230823160752.png|300]][[Pasted image 20230823160752.png|300]]

Adding the Link to the image as cilck-link of the image (didn’t work):

[![[Pasted image 20230823160752.png|300]]]([[Pasted image 20230823160752.png]])

I only skimmed your requirements, sorry.

Some candidates to install:

I also like (for other functions):

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Thank you so much. This was exactly the response I was hoping for: Someone pointing me to the right plugins - and they work great.

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