Click links/files to open in new tab by default

I too really want this feature. Also for the same reason that I use Sliding Panes and opening in a new pane is my preference more often than it’s not.

If I’m using Obsidian on tablet, then the key board short cut is not sufficient as a work around and pinning each pane would be tedious.

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As a workaround, I have mapped cmt-/ctrl-T to “split vertical” , and have a mobile toolbar shortcut for that. This way I ‘duplicate’ a note, and then open the desired link in a quick way.

I’m all in favor of this. I came on here to figure out how to do it. I’m new to Obsidian and this by far the most frustrating thing for me to deal with trying to learn a new way of organizing notes and work. It gets really confusing and while there are work arounds (eg. right click link and “open in new pane” or middle mouse button click), it would be very nice to have a way to toggle between a default setting of open in new pane or open in same pane.

Has this been resolved somehow? Very tedious without a toggle for the default behavior.

  • 1 from me too

I have the same request. I’d like to open new links as a new tab by default without having to press CMD/CTRL every time.

It’s essentially like using target_blank in an HTML url, but I’d like to do this for both notes and links.

+1 from me , expect tabs to work like vscode


Found this theme searching for this fix. Very upset that this is not the default behavior, and it’s not customizable in settings.
I think opening a note in a new tab should be the default behavior (like in many other IDEs).

I would definitely like this on desktop and tablet. On phone I’m less sure if I’d prefer the hassle of closing tabs to the hassle of having open tabs replaced, but I’d definitely try it to find out.

this would improve my workflow so much.
I do not understand why the user can’t choose between the actual option and the option to always open in new tag.

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+1 to add to this.

Even if it’s not the default behavior, it would be extremely useful to be able to set new notes to open in new tabs.

+1 This would be extremely helpful

I’ve been using TiddlyWiki and the concept of “Currently Open Notes” in the sidebar as the main navigation is my preferred way of quickly switching between notes. I’ve tried using the “koncham workspace” plugin and it almost exactly does that, but I have to re-train myself to always use Double-Middle-Click to open new tabs, which is very annoying.

Opening in a new tab without using the ctrl button is actually very easy, at least on Windows or Linux. You can use the ‘middle’ mouse button to click on the link. The middle mousebutton is usually the scroll wheel on the average mouse. You can press on that wheel and it will click, opening the link in a new tab. This works on any browser, so also on an electron app like Obsidian.