Click links/files to open in new tab by default

VSCode would be #1 for me - I was shocked today to learn that obsidian doesn’t have this (probably really simple) option. It’s making it really frustrating to switch between programming and note-taking… and I feel like I keep on “accidentally” closing windows.

This feature request has been open for 3 years, clearly there is a lot of demand, and it seems like it shouldn’t be that difficult… please please !


vscode has a completely different way of managing tabs, it’s really not just about opening notes in a new tab (see the corresponding FR )

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+1, please add this option


I see some are saying they can open a new note in a new pane via hotkeys (CTRL + SHIFT + N) but unfortunately this is not what the OP was saying nor what many others are adding onto.

The intention is to Open a New Note in a New Tab, preferably with a hotkey. So, instead of typing CTRL + N and having a new note open on top of the current note, the same CRTL + N hotkey combo could/would be assigned to open the new note in a new tab.

I also saw someone asked for the QoL (Quality of Life) benefit for having this implemented natively in Obsidian. Speaking for my use case…

  1. Having to open a new tab and then a new note adds unnecessary friction → CTRL + T then CTRL + N
  2. There are extensions, Excalidraw for one, that has a hotkey combo which opens a new drawing in a New Tab → implies the functionality is there just not utilized
  3. I do not enjoy the use of a new pane as opposed to a new tab. → Not my style unlike others who have posted above
  4. There may be an extension (unsure) or one can be written but this really needs to be a native functional within Obsidian

The solution, which is easy for me to say because I don’t need to write it, is combine the functionality of New Tab (CTRL + T) and New Note (CTRL + N) into a single new hotkey choice.


patleeman’s plugin seems to do the trick for me but that would be a great feature to add natively, just like Spark706 mentioned.

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To be honest, I am really confused by this thread. You folks seem to think that at @patleeman implements this FR. But it’s not correct. Tab reuse is what @patleeman’s plugin attempts to do (there are other plugins like no-dup-leaves and mononote) .

As I have pointed out several times, “try to reuse an already open tab” is different from “always open in new tab”. There is a separate FR for that case here

I am now inclined to think that a sizable portion of users in this thread (perhaps a majority) actually want “tab reuse” and maybe are not familiar with how IDEs operate so there is a difficulty in expressing what they want.

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I think people are overcomplicating things on this thread. Eliminate all the keywords such as “IDE”, “default”, …, etc. No need to be pedantic.

All we ask is an option to open a note in a new tab and have it focused on that tab, if the “Open notes in new tab instead of existing tab” option is selected in settings. That’s it.

Not sure why isn’t there such an option already and obsidian is forcing “everyone”, and not “only people who want it”, to use the same tab when a note is opened.

It is quite ridiculous that this thread has been going into it’s 4th year now, people are building spaceships in that time, and no action is taken by anyone, positive or negative.


The two things are different. Very different. So at very least we need to understand what you want and why you want it. That’s why I am being pedantic.

We never comment of which FR will be implemented unless it is on the roadmap.

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I used to have this feature as a bug - so I never thought it might be missing.
Until I used “Close all” once - now I am here with all others :smile:

Give us an option to decide if

  • left click in left pane opens as new tab or right in place
  • and ctrl/cmd click opens in place or as new tab

I was so used to open as new tab, that I closed files without realizing, just by open files.

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Here’s what I think most people want when clicking on an internal link:

  • If that note is already open on another tab, switch to that tab. Leave the current tab open where it is.

  • If that note isn’t already open in another tab, create a new tab to open that note and switch to that tab. Leave the current tab open where it is.

This is the behavior I and most other people are used to in IDEs and I would love to see it in Obsidian. This way, you never change your current tab. Links always open in a different tab (whether an already open tab, or a brand new tab)

Right now, when you click on a link Obsidian opens the link in the current tab which is super annoying.


Dang, more than 3 years on this. Please implement this! This is a multiple-times-a-day pain for me


I’m using Obsidian for mathematics, so I frequently like to refer to other notes while writing a new one. Sometimes I have to search around for the note I want, e.g. looking for a particular comment about a specific theorem, or looking for a note about an object. The fact that the default is to open in your current tab keeps making me lose my place and is pretty disruptive for me. I’m not used to locking tabs or holding down CTRL, which would fix this issue. Perhaps I could learn the muscle memory, or whatever.

Fortunately, searching “open in new tab” in the community plugins yielded two plugins to do exactly this, but neither works on search results, which doesn’t help me much.

Perhaps it’s time to learn how to develop Obsidian Plugins :slight_smile:


@WhiteNoise You folks are doing an amazing work!

I would love to see the following options in the settings as a dropdown.

=== Tab Behavior ===

  • Create New Documents In: [New Tab | Existing Tab]
  • Open Existing Documents In: [New Tab | Existing Tab]
  • Open Previews In: [New Tab | Existing Tab]
  • When Tab Is Closed: [Return to Last Edited Document | Switch To Closest Tab | Do Nothing]

These are one of my biggest pain points in Obsidian. I hope you can add it to your roadmap soon.

Please let us know what we can do as a community to make sure this gets on the roadmap.

Many thanks! :pray:


I need this feature too.


+1 Would also love to see this feature live!!


This would be a big relief. The implementation described by @dreams above seems like all I’d need. Thanks, devs!

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This would be immensely useful to me. I made this account just to reply to this.

Just here to say I also want this feature.

Also, I found a temporary solution until Obsidian add this functionality natively. There is a plugin called Open in new tab by Patrick Lee. Here is the GitHub Repo

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Hi folks, I would also love this feature. In fact I would love to have the same behaviour obsidian has with tab than others IDE: opening a file from the file explorer should open a new tab or redirect to the tab if it’s already open.

Thanks for sharing this plugin. So simple and yet, 3 years and almost 170 comments later asking for this feature, no one at the Obsidian team thought this was a good feature to be native.

It’s really sad to see that the guys at Obsidian rely so much on other developers creating plugins in order to make their product good enough…

Really appreciate you sharing this, because it’s indeed a thing that doesn’t make sense, not having an option to toggle this behavior on or off

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