Click links/files to open in new tab by default

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Is there any update on this?


+1,need this when click a file or link to open in a new tab or open the existed tab


I’ve created a forum account just to upvote this. Guys, the current behaviour is largely against the typical expectation of what should happen in terms of opening links with current keymap/mouse map.
I dunno, give me the code and I’ll do a PR for you or something, because this is just too easy to fix :joy:


I am surprised by this comment. Obsidian acts like web browsers do right now so I wouldn’t say it goes against the typical expectation given that most people are familiar with the way web browsers operate.

I can see that this thread is very popular but I don’t understand why. Again, right now obsidian works like web browsers do, including keyboard/mouse/finger modifiers. If really don’t like it, does it mean that you don’t like browsers too? Would you want simple click to open in new tab in safari or chrome?
Am I missing something else?

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Use case or problem

It’s not much of a problem/bug but an annoyance.

Take, for example, my usage of daily note, to which I use a global hotkey (w/ Alfred).
Whenever I kickstart a daily note (or any new note for that matter, cmd+n), the current note gets brushed off.

I guess - instead of remembering (whether myself or Obsidian) the exact location was left off last time for any document - having the active panes would give me more assurance so that I would remember to work on the documents that are currently active.

Proposed solution

Introduce a toggle that allows documents to be always opened in a new tab.

Current workaround (optional)

Not really, alas.

Related feature requests (optional)

I’ve also looked at some older posts:

Always open in new tab (merged with first one)

I’m not entirely sure why the second post was merged with the first one (it seems to me that the first post merely wants to have the option of opening in a tab) - in any case - my ask is identical to that of the second post :frowning:


When browsing the web, it’s easy to forget the browsing path by using the left mouse button to open links in the same tab, but frequent use of the right mouse button, middle mouse button, or hotkeys to open new tabs affects the smoothness of browsing. So, I think a lot of people in this topic like me really don’t like the default settings of their browsers. I generally use browsers that support custom settings to open links in new tabs by default, or use a plugin on chrome to do this.
In fact, this problem is sharper when using sliding panes mode on obsidian :smiling_face_with_tear:, because andy matuschak mode requires coherence of thought. Opening new notes on andymatuschak’s website only requires the left click.
So I would like obsidian to be able to customize the default way of opening new files, PLEASE! :pray:

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Would love to see this work the same way VSCode does.


VScode works in a different way completely, and in general, does not open in a new tab but tries to reuse a tab if it the note is already open in that tab.

Please, let’s not conflate these two separate FRs.

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:100: for this feature, as it is starting to become a dealbreaker for me. The demand is clear, with thousands of users expressing a desire for it.

It doesn’t have to be black or white; providing a selectable option in the settings to allow users to choose whether to open files in new tabs by default would cater to individual preferences and be the most accommodating solution for everyone.


Reviewing the comments, most of the reasons for interest in this request seem to fall under these general categories:

  • “Andy mode” (Sliding Panes) and atomic-notes workflows: users following a particular workflow where that behavior is most useful - preference for this behavior when working with atomic notes/“leaf” notes
  • Forego Ctrl key: Not wanting to always hold (or remember to hold) the Ctrl key when clicking on files in the file list
  • Hotkey and external open behavior: So that notes opened via another application (e.g., Alfred) or a hotkey open in a new tab
  • Improved wayfinding/thought path preservation: Lower attentional burden on a user (presumably by keeping the original note present while new notes appear) - easy to get lost when following links, leading to time-consuming backtracking efforts - wanting a “trail of notes” to form as they work/browse
  • VSCode similarity: Multiple mentions of similar behavior in VSCode
  • Parity with browser customizability: Existence of a comparable setting (“always open links in new tab”) in modern browsers - [ed. note: also, a lot of links on websites these days open in a new tab even without that setting]
  • Lower friction for mobile users: Multiple mentions of difficulty/friction for opening notes in separate tabs on mobile devices
  • Missing/unavailable middle mouse button: Mouse has no middle button or middle mouse button is already used for some other function

I should note that I don’t have a particular horse in this race. I just thought summarizing the reasons scattered across the thread into one spot might be helpful.


+1 on this feature :slight_smile:


+1 on this as well.

Would be cool if we at least know if it’s even considered. Just to get some closure !


If the request were rejected, this thread would be closed.


Ridiculous this isn’t going to be implemented. It can be an optional setting and therefore has no implications on the user experience for the average user (unless they want it to).

It also makes the app much more usable for me, I’m constantly getting annoyed with the current tab being highjacked by another note when clicking links or canvas’s.


+1 for this feature!


Why not just give the users the option to select how they want obsidian to work, like web browsers or not like web browser. At the end of the day, I think it’s better to give the user the flexibility to select how they want obsidian to behave.



I created an account here just to say that I would also like this feature. I’m tired of having to cmd-W and then cmd-click because I forgot to cmd the first time I clicked. It breaks my focus and it’s annoying!
ETA I don’t have a middle mouse button. Just let me work as I want to work.


Try GitHub - aidan-gibson/obsidian-opener: Opens pdfs with default system app and opens md in new/existing tabs.


Thank you to those who have created plugins for this. As others have mentioned, it’d be great to get this functionality into core so that users won’t have to research, install, and enable (and often also configure) a plugin for functionality like this which would be such an improvement for so many users. Thanks!