Clearly identify which vault is open or being used

Clearly identify which vault is open or being used.

Use case or problem

The previous Obsidian version showed the vault name as the leading text in the taskbar. With the new multi-tabbed version, that has disappeared, other than the ToolTip, as the vault name is no longer visible when the taskbar icon has a small width. The problem is that when multiple vaults are open or frequently used, the user cannot clearly, visibly, and quickly distinguish them.

Proposed solution

First, an option could be added to show the vault name in the leading text of the taskbar icon.

Second, the vault name could be shown within the main Obsidian window.

Third, an option could be added to specify a color for a vault’s taskbar icon (perhaps one of ten possible colors).

Current workaround (optional)

The workaround is taking extra time to hover over the taskbar icon to view its tooltip.

Like this? (Not sure if this affects the task bar.)

You can add a CSS snippet to change the titlebar colour and easily distinguish different vaules:

body {
  --titlebar-background: red;
  --titlebar-background-focused: red;

You can give each vault a different coloured snippet.

CSS snippets are under Settings > Appearance.