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Clear the [[link]] history. When I type [[ and start to fill in a link title Obsidian gives results for 1) notes, 2) existing links, 3) previously existing links. Some of the previously existing links are a bunch of nonsense that existed in my Roam export. These accidental notes are now gone, along with any references to them within Obsidian but they are still displayed as (obsolete) options. How can I remove the pieces of data that cause this behaviour?


Link auto-complete will auto-complete existing links to non-existent files.

Are you sure that you don’t have any references that link to those deleted files?

Are you sure that you don’t have any references that link to those deleted files?

Yes, your prompt had me check again - and there was a misplaced link :man_facepalming: - but upon deleting it the behaviour still continues. From what I can tell using the search function, the intruding block of text no longer exists - though I’m still prompted to link to it when creating links.

Thanks for your help!

Another way to test is to create the file and see if there are any backlinks.
If that doesn’t show anything, does an app restart fix it?

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Thanks, I wasn’t able to jump through links the first time I tried due to some really screwy formatting; braces within braces were causing something to break and not link etc. Anyway, I was able to jump through into a partial and delete the references so many thanks for the prompts - I probably wouldn’t have tried a second time without them!

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

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