Cleanup Vault by finding Pasted images excalidraw

What I’m trying to do

I am trying to generate a list of .png files starting with “Pasted Image 202” as part of my cleanup page

for MD files Iuse plain dataview but other files like .canvas I found a dataviewjs script that works. I thought bij just changing the parameters this would also work for pictures that are addedin excalidraw of which I did not change the name yet. Here is the script I use:

const moodFolderFiles = app.vault.getFiles()
	.filter( (file) => { 
		return ( 
			file.path.toLowerCase().includes('Pasted Image 202')
	.map( (file) => {
		const matches =[^/]+)\.png$/)
		return dv.fileLink(, false, (matches ? matches[1] :

dv.list(dv.array(moodFolderFiles).sort(l => l.display, 'desc'));

if I replace Pasted Image 202 for untitled.canvas and .png for .canvas the script works

Things I have tried

searched in forums, narrowed search parameter Pasted Image 202 but no hits appear

Sorry to waste your time, if I change Pasted Image 202 to pasted image 202 (it changes to lower case it works)

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