Classify backlinks

Use case or problem

  • In my workflow, I create permanent notes thanks to multiple literature notes.

  • I go in the permanent note, open the backlinks pane in the right sidebar, and start writing thanks to the literature notes content (From the backlink on the top, to the backlink on the bottom).

  • Since I process the backlinks from top to bottom, once I’ve processed some backlinks I don’t want to see them anymore, I just want to see the ones I haven’t processed.

Proposed solution

Solution 1

Thus, it would be cool to give “states” or “tags” that are proper to backlinks. Then, we could put some backlinks of the note containing the tag “processed” in some “backlinks folder” similar to the current ones (linked mentions and unlinked mentions) to then be able to show them or not.

To do this, maybe we could add a variable to each backlink that the user could change if he wants? (see figure)

Solution 2

Limit the solution 1 by just putting a “check” mark on the blocks of content of backlinks. If a backlink is checked, it goes in the “check” backlink folder. If it’s not, it doesn’t.

Current workaround (optional)

For now there is no workaround, really, I have to remember which backlinks I processed and which backlinks I didn’t.

Related feature requests (optional)


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