Class / form structure for templates

Hello- just discovered and getting started with Obsidian. Seems almost a perfect fit for my ideal knowledge base use case. My current go-to solution is Semantic MediaWiki combined with form/template extensions. Is there a way to do this with Obsidian? For example, define class structures “teacher” and “class”. “Teacher” has properties, of name, field, etc, and “classes taught”. “Class” has properties of Instructor, semester, etc. You can then create entry forms which limit the field choice of Instructor to pages of class “Teacher”. You can also add a query to the template for “Teacher” pages to show all related pages of type “class”.

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I’m not totally sure I’m understanding you correctly, but this almost sounds like what the Typing plugin does? Check out the readme: GitHub - konodyuk/obsidian-typing: Strict note typing for Obsidian