CJK related issues in file name text field

Steps to reproduce

Special characters disappear if CJK characters follow up.

  1. Using Korean IME (or any other symbol input) type unicode symbol such as ☆, §, ※, # (notice that this is different from # or § which are typed directly from keyboards).
  2. Type full-width character (CJK in this case)
  3. Unicode character previously typed disappears

Expected result

A unicode symbol should remain as is.

Actual result

A unicode symbol gets deleted due to text sanitizing or login with character width calculation.(my guess)


  • Operating system: Windows 10 Home 1909
  • Obsidian version: 0.7.6

Additional information


CJK uses IME and using general keyup events will mess up various functionality that depends on it. For example auto-complete upon ‘keyup’ will not work with CJK.

Edit: More like Unicode related issue.

Which special character are you trying to input?

§ in this case but the problem is more general I think.
You can see that alphabet does not delete the preceding §, but Korean characters do (as if the text is being replaced)

I can’t reproduce this. I’ll try again later.

More repro steps would be helpful.

Namely, which IME were you using (or does it not matter), and which keys did you press? Thanks.

I edited the original post to be more specific!

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Can you please try to remove obsidian and install from the latest installer? Do you still have this issue?

Does it happen only in the title filed or in other places as well?

do you still have this problem?