Ciw, diw, viw equivalents in foreign language (Russian) doesn't work in vim

What issue I get

I can’t use the diw, ciw, viw equivalents in my primary language. They only work when I’m on the English layout. Other keybindings like dw, cw work just fine. I’ve also tried a “Use a fiexed keyboard layout for Normal mode” option of the .obsidian.vimrc support pugin but it didn’t help. This is my .obsidian.vimrc, file that maps the English layout to Russian:

nmap j gj
nmap k gk
map й q
map ц w
map у e
map к r
map е t
map н y
map г u
map ш i
map щ o
map з p
map х [
map ъ ]
map ф a
map ы s
map в d
map а f
map п g
map р h
map о j
map л k
map д l
map ж ;
map э '
map ё \
map я z
map ч x
map с c
map м v
map и b
map т n
map ь m
map б ,
map ю .
map Й Q
map Ц W
map У E
map К R
map Е T
map Н Y
map Г U
map Ш I
map Щ O
map З P
map Х {
map Ъ }
map Ф A
map Ы S
map В D
map А F
map П G
map О J
map Л K
map Ж :
map Э "
map Я Z
map Ч X
map С C
map М V
map И B
map Т N
map Ь M
map Б <
map Ю >
map Ё /|
map ; $

Same Issue with me, for me It also doesn’t work with Russian (or any non-latin layout). Seems like this is such a niche that no one thinks about it.

Hey, a new plugin on github got released few days ago that fixes this issue. Though it’s only on windows: GitHub - Opisek/obsidian-vim-langmap: Langmap simulator for obsidian's CodeMirror vim mode on Windows operating systems. you can go to the closed issues (there is one) and the author wrote a guide for downloading.

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