Citations with ZotLit

I’m a bit confused about how citations should be done in Obsidian, primarily using the fantastic ZotLit plugin [], but also looking at the Pandoc Reference List plugin. ZotLit is able to insert citations as [@citekey] in the text, and also create a file in <target_dir>/citekey for the literature note. Pandoc can render these citations nicely. However, when I click on the links, or hover on them, it doesn’t work - Obsidian doesn’t seem to have a way to relate the link [@citekey] to the file <target_dir>/citekey.

Do these links work for other people using ZotLit? In the past, I used to use citations that were [[@citekey]], and make files called <target_dir>/@citekey, which makes the links plain markdown. However, ZotLit seems quite opinionated, that the single bracket version is the way to go.

Replying to myself - It turns out that [@citekey]: doesn’t work, but [@citekey] : does - hovering and pressing Command opens up a preview, or allows for the literature note to be created.

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