Citations with Zotlit and Pandoc Reference List

I am using the Zotlit plugin to cite scientific articles from Zotero with the ‘Insert Markdown citation’ command. In parallel, I use the Pandoc Reference List plugin to have the list of my references in Obsidian.

It works very well for articles that I already had in Zotero. But when I add new articles to my Zotero library, the citation is not found by Obsidian (even when I am refreshing the Zotero database in Obsidian). Obsidian seems to communicate with Zotero because it is able to find the newly added article with the search panel, but it no longer transforms the citation key [@Author2024blablabla] into (Author et al., 2024), and the reference is not added in the Reference list.

Do you have an idea please?


Hopefully someone can answer here, but if you use Discord, the Obsidian Members Group #academic-tools channel has lots of info and knowledgable folks willing to help.

Not an active user of this system myself, but pandoc generates the reference list based on a Bibtex bibliographic database. Such database is generated by the BetterBibtex Zotero plugin. My suspicion is that in your case, this (external to Zotero) bibliographic database is not being automatically updated. Another possibility is that you are using a differen bibtex file than that which is generated by Better Bibtex.

  • So check your Better Bibtex setting, and
  • Check whether the bibliography you use in Obsidian matches the one generated by Better Bibtex.