Citations plugin not detecting changed .bib file

Things I have tried

Updated the plugin to the latest release.

What I’m trying to do

The citation plugin appears to have code that watches for the .bib file to change which should reload the library. Mine does not. I’ve watched the Console, and don’t see any messages when the .bib file is updated by Zotero.

Currently I am switching the database format field to CSL-JSON then back to BibLateX to force a reload.

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A couple of people have reported this issue - but, strange enough, for me it has always been working as expected: whenever my bib file is changed, those changes are reflected in the citations plugin. Thus, I still think it might rather be a settings- than a plugin-related issue. Have you checked your BetterBibtex settings? When does it update your bib file - “on change”, “when idle”? How have you set up your automatic exports?

Yeah, as far as I can tell, all of that works. As mentioned above, I can switch to CSL-JSON and back to BibLaTeX in the plug-in settings and all the new references are there. I can also do the dreaded “reload without saving” (approximate wording), and the new references show up. Also, as I said above, I don’t see anything in the console stating that the plug-in has tried to reload the .bib file.

I neglected to mention I’m running macOS Big Sur.

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