Citational network DV table with columns "cites" and "citedBy", where "cites" is a property and "citedBy" is imputed based on "cites"

I’m basically to create a table representation of a citational network. I have a folder full of notes corresponding to individual articles. As an example, Article X contains the metadata property cites, which contains a list of backlinks to the other articles, Y & Z, that Article X cites. Articles Y and Z also have the cites property, as do all of the articles Y and Z cite. All cited articles are contained within the same directory.

I want to create a table resembling TABLE cites as "Articles Cited", citedBy as "Articles Cited By". Without manually creating and populating a citedBy property in each note, is there a way to impute the values in the citedBy column checking each file reference against the cites property of all other notes that contain backlinks matching a given file reference?

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