Citation Plugin: Using citekey in a LaTeX style citation?

I usually use the Zotero Integration plugin. However, because this plugin is dependent on a Zotero plugin (BetterBibTeX) the Zotero Integration plugin isn’t available while using Zotero 7 Beta.

So I was trying to get this to work with the citations plugin, which can also output a citekey, and can read the Bibtex file even while Zotero is closed, which is cool.

However, I’m struggling integrating this with a usable format. E.g. I cite things with TeX style citations, like ,\cite{citekey} or ,\footcite[pages]{citekey}. the Citations plugin uses handlebars, so I’d need to input the citekey as {{citekey}}, which is fine, but the plugin doesn’t seem to read the needed triple curly brackets (,\cite{{{abc}}}), and it ends up like ,\citeabc, which is useless since LaTeX won’t be able to read that.

I’ve tried adding spaces, \cite{ {{abc}} } and that does sort of work, \cite{ abc } but I’m not sure those spaces will work for LaTeX.

Any ideas how to solve this?

The Zotero Integration plugin is better, since it gives you more options on how to cite, so I have one regular cite set up and one footcite. However, as mentioned this plugin is dependent on Zotero being open, and running an active version of Betterbibtex, so if I want to use the Beta this doesn’t work. I won’t use the Beta till this works out, though.


Uh, yes it is? It’s been working in the Zotero 7 beta for a while now:

Why don’t you just cite using Pandoc citekeys (e.g. [@citekey]), then convert from markdown to Latex using Pandoc?

Somehow it wasn’t automatically updating for me. I manually installed a newer version of the BetterBibtex plugin and now it’s back to working. Then this has solved itself. Thanks :slight_smile:

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