Chromium is making my fan run full speed all the time

What I’m trying to do

My Win11 laptop fan has been running full time now for at least a couple of weeks, and I narrowed it down to chromium: it goes full on when I start either Chrome, Edge or Obsidian.

I’m hoping someone else has or had the same issue and fixed it. I’ve googled and there are many reports of this but back 2 years - nothing recent.

It’s a pain because while I don’t need to keep Chome on all the time, I do need to keep Obsidian open all the time (3 different notebooks).

Things I have tried

  • I updated Chrome yesterday to it’s latest (“Chrome is up to date
    Version 112.0.5615.50 (Official Build) (64-bit)”)
  • I just updated Obsidian today to the latest (I’m assuming the chromium engine was updated as well)
  • I’m up to date with my Windows updates.

I keep the taskbar clean, I don’t run too many apps, and in any event I’m not doing anything different from the past 2 years when my fan was fine.

Interesting. I’ve been wondering why my brand new $2000 laptop is running on high fan all the time. Just tested it and it does indeed seem to be related to things that use chromium like vivaldi and obsidian.

Yikes. Now I have to consider that moving forward

Oddly enough, today my fan was normal for the first time in weeks!
I updated Obsidian earlier today (including the installer), and opened just one vault. The fan died down about 30-40 minutes later and stayed that way all afternoon. For the fun of it I opened my two other vaults and the fan went nuts. I didn’t keep those vaults open but maybe I’ll try it again tomorrow to see if the fan settles down 40 min after opening those vaults.

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