Chromebook issue

Been trying to set up obsidian on my chromebook

Found that none of the plugins or settings save, so it resets to defults every time i swithc it on and off.

I think its due to the .obsidian folder being hidden, however i cant find anyway of unhiding the file without renaming the .obsidian folder.

Is there a way to let obsidian read hidden files? or a way to alter the way it works so i can rename the .obsidian folder to something without the dot that makes the file hidden?

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  1. To see the .obsidian folder in ¨Files":
    Click on the hamburger menu ¨…" top right
    Click on “Show hidden files”

  2. I placed the Obsidian Vault in my Chromebook in

My files > Downloads > _myObsidian > O_TEST

My Obsidian plugins & settings save properly - I do not have to reset them each time.

JoeC1, are you using the Android Obsidian app or the Linux one?

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