Choose sort order for "select files" in the publish modal

Use case or problem

I recently got Obsidian Publish. I am choosing to publish my existing notes as I “touch” them. This is because I have a huge backlog of notes from before I got publish, and I am not comfortable publishing all of them without looking at them – but it would be tedious to go through each note and vet each not individually. If, when I naturally work on a note, I realize it is neither published nor marked private, I will decide which to do.

My problem is that I cannot easily find all the notes I’ve recently edited once I’m in the publish modal because it sorts them alphabetically.

Proposed solution

My request is that the the user can choose how to sort the notes in the publish modal so that they can easily find notes they’ve edited recently when select the notes they want to publish.

Recently edited seems like the most intuitive way to display the notes since if I make changes to the publish status of a note, it is probably one I edited recently. Changing the sort order will help me find it quicker.

Current workaround (optional)

The easiest workaround may be to add publish: true to the metadata of the notes as I encounter them (instead of using the modal to select notes). However, I think think the ability to sort order the notes in the modal would be helpful for recognizing when I forgot to change the publish status in the note’s metadata.

As far as easily identifying notes I’ve made changes to recently and may want to change the publish status while in the modal, I do not think there is any workaround.

Related feature requests (optional)

I tried a search, but it was difficult to distinguish this request from the request to change the order in the published site’s navigation. I don’t think I found this request, but it is possible it exists.