Choose a folder whenever a new note is created from a link

Hi, I’m new to Obsidian and I’m loving it so far.

Use case or problem

I’m wondering if there’s any plugin (or snippet) that allows you to choose the folder of a new note by Ctrl+clicking on a (yet) non-existing note, instead of creating the note AND having to move it to the right folder. I’m already familiar with the “Advanced New File” plugin, but as far as I know it only works with new notes created by its own command in the command palette, not with inline new notes.

I think it could be a nice feature for someone’s workflow if you organize your notes in folders, specially if there are a lot of them to choose from.


Or let us designate an inbox folder for new notes. It’s kinda annoying that new notes are at the bottom of file explorer pane. Because obsidian sorts the folders at the top.

edit: answered below, there’s a setting for it

Have you played with the “Default location for new notes” setting in Preferences → Files and Links? I think that does what you’re asking for.


Yes. But by changing the default location in that way, I can only specify one particular folder. Instead, I want to be able to choose the folder each time I create a new note via linking.


Gotcha. Updated the thread title to clarify.


@luisecardonag AFAIK, I could not rewrite default actions in editor, so that’s why there are no so such capability in “Advanced New File”.

I’d prefer this as well, to be able to be asked every time where to store the note. The fastest alternative is to have a hotkey for “move file”, but given that hotkey availability is rather limited for me (mostly because I need a lot, but must fit it onto a small laptop keyboard as well).


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I would find this option tedious, because I almost always want the new note in the same folder. I use the Quick Explorer plugin, so when that’s not what I want I just create it there anyway, right-click on the filename in the path shown in the title bar, and choose Move file to.

There’s also the option to Show in system explorer when I have a lot of moving or renaming to do.