Chinese characters show as tofu on linux

Steps to reproduce

  • Install obsidian on NixOS Linux
  • Type any Chinese characters

Expected result

  • Characters display correctly

Actual result

  • “Tofu” is displayed (empty block to indicate that the unicode character cannot be displayed), both in preview and in render



  • Operating system: NixOS Linux 20.09
  • Obsidian version: v0.9.20

Additional information

This is a regression — this used to work, and no longer does. I do not know the last working version. It seems plausible that switching fonts would fix this, but I see no way to switch fonts in the configuration.

are you using a custom css? What is your installer version?

I am using custom CSS, but this issue also appears with the “Apply custom CSS” setting disabled, so I don’t think that is causing the issue.

Installer version is 0.8.2.

ok download and install from the latest installer and let me know if yous still have this issue.

Can’t repro on my Nix with the Appimage, what version are you using? Flatpack, Snap? Does your font support Chinese character?