Checkboxes in Callouts

Steps to reproduce

In Obsidian v 1.63 the checkboxes in a callout or Admonition don’t work properly.

A callout with DataviewJS reacts not properly when enable/disable the checkbox.
On the other hand the code without a callout works fine.

A temporarely reset to version 1.15.12 and checkboxes in Callouts work as used to be.

Actual result

enable/disable checkbox doesn’t have any effect.

we don’t take bug reports involving third party plugins. moved to help.

I think, this is a bug. I have the same problem without DataviewJS. This:

> [!done] Done today 🙂
> - [ ] Read paper

worked fine before the update to 1.6.3. Now, when I click on the checkbox to tick it, the box does not change in the foreground, though it is changed to “” in the background. Also, the location of the mouse pointer is off: A click on the box in one line, the box in the line below is activated in the background. Happens both in editing and in reading mode.

Probably this one, although I don’t use the Tasks or Dataview plugins much.