Checkbox turned really small?

Hello, for some reason my checkboxes turned really small like points in the screen and I don’t know how to make them go back? It was working as normal when I opened it, and then when I closed and opened again, it was like this. It’s clickable but??

It currently looks like this:

And it’s all checkboxes, I didn’t change any:

Anyone knows how to turn them back to normal?

Things I have tried

  • Searched for any similar problems but didn’t find anything;
  • Restarted the program and computer several times;
  • Tried to make the font bigger and everything gets bigger but the checkbox;

Did you install any new plugins recently?

Maybe try turning back to the “Default” CSS theme. Does it still look small? Then it’s likely a plugin.

If it looks ok in the Default theme, then try changing back to your current theme. Maybe switching it back and forth will fix it.

Thank you!

Sounds stupid but as soon as I removed the custom theme, the checkbox were working as normal, so I believe the theme wasn’t updated to the last Obsidian version.

Thank you very much again!

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Well, today, April 14th 2022, I found the same problem when I opened a Note that had checkboxes, too. I have the same problem with all of my Vaults. I have NOT applied any new Themes. I don’t think that necessarily was the real solution. Has the Default Theme gone through an Update/Upgrade? I think so. Because when I upgraded my Theme, Primary, which I use on all of my Vaults and has been in use for over a 1.5 months w/out change… Now the Checkboxes appear normally. " ??? "

I think the Default Theme got updated and that made the other Themes not function properly. sigh Well, I’ll ‘update’ Primary Theme on all of my Vaults. But, honestly, that’s annoying. :unamused:

Perhaps something in Obsidian or Electron changed that requires the theme to be updated.

In Primary, 11 days ago this line:

--font-editor-size: var(--editor-font-size);

was changed to:

--font-text-size: var(--editor-font-size);

I’m guessing that is the related change that was required of themes. Luckily there is a quick button to press to update your theme.

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