Checkbox and List indentation Broken

Problem summary

When placing lists and checkbox lists sequentially, checkbox list indent breaks.

Steps to reproduce

Examples of markdown and subsequent rendering captured over these two screengrabs:

Bad Rendering

Note the difference is that the text splitting the lists was moved below the final list, resulting in the broken formatting.

Good Example Layout

Expected result

Indentation of list items to remain unchanged with or without text based content between the lists.

See Good Example Layout

Actual result

See Bad Rendering


  • Operating system: Linux Mint 19.04
  • Obsidian version: v0.11.3

Additional information

This might be a more general Markdown rendering problem. Using your example in Ghostwriter, for instance, also renders “badly” (by double-spacing the last list items):

This might be the case because Markdown knows about “close” and “spaced” list items (i.e., with a blank line in between).

In your bad example, you can prevent the bug by leaving an (otherwise invisible) HTML comment line between the two lists:

<!-- -->

This will correct the displayed lists:

(Unfortunately, it will also render the --> part of the HTML comment as a right arrow → in edit mode. Sigh.)

You have just discovered markdown’s loose lists

Well, not exactly discovered … just trying to help @enly1 :wink:

But i surely have to remember they’re called loose lists.

Thanks - should probably been more clear of my concern here…

The issue wasn’t so much the way that it renders with the double line spacing - I understand the spacing when you leave a gap between the two lists.

The issue is that the first checkbox list has extra indentation compared with the other example. If you look the checkbox list is indented as if it were a second level list.

Thanks - Handy workaround for pretty formatted output !!!

I am very sorry, but I honestly think that these loose lists here are not what a user wants. He most obviously wanted to end one list and start another. I have no idea why it is treated as something else and I am willing to try to understand it by inhaling the fumes of burning Markdown manual. I believe that it is quite clear that I am upset with this behavior (although I appreciate you coming in every topic about them and naming the enemy).

First attempt is void:“loose+lists”

You are not the only one who dislikes them, but it is part of the spec.