Check/ Verify whether web/internet links are dead/ inactive or still active

The function of the plugin needs to be activated manually OR can be activated automatically after:

  • startup
  • x days
  • x weeks
  • x months
  • before obsidian shuts down

Activation triggers checking/ verifying all web/ internet links

  • It automatically places a #DeadLink hashtag before or behind the position of the link with 1 space between them.
  • The name of the # hashtag is customizeable by the user so he can filter search like usual
  • It is possible that date (dd:mm:yy OR yy:mm:dd) and time (hh:mm:ss) are written beside the # hashtag. This is possible with or without a separate #DateTimeDeadLink hashtag for time+date.

After the function was executed

  • It shows a list with all active links
  • It shows a list with all dead/ inactive links
  • You can auto delete all dead links after 2 times confirming that you are sure you want to remove them.

If you click on a link in the list, your obsidian automatically jumps to the note and position where the link is placed. You can then manually check whether the link works and change or remove the section.

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