Check for forbidden symbols in filename done before local keymapping applies

It seems that check for forbidden symbols in filename dome before local keyboard mapping applies. As a result, false warnings appeared in non-English keyboard.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Set up Russian or Ukrainian keyboard
  2. Create new note
  3. Switch keyboard language to “ru”
  4. In note name field try to type “Ж” (press the English “:” key)

Expected result

Letter “Ж” appeared in the note name

Actual result

Warning “File name cannot contain any of these characters /:” message appeared.


  • Operating system: Linux, iBus keyboard driver
  • Obsidian version: 12.5

Additional information

It seems, that Obsidian checked forbidden symbols directly by key pressed, not by actual character it inputs.

I think this is a problem of IBus. We have quite a few Russian users and this is the first time this is reported.

I can’t repro.

I’m on Linux.

will be fixed 0.12.7

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