Check boxes in embedded notes cannot be clicked

Steps to reproduce

In every daily note I use an embedded note for recurring tasks. Check boxes from embedded notes cannot be checked:

I realize that without automatic resets, these recurring check lists would have to be reset by hand anyway. I think I saw a feature request for something like that, and if not, I can open one.

But this is also useful for overarching larger goals that don’t recur.

I used this code:

Daily Note:

# Day Plan

- [ ] Check mark for today

![[Recurring Checklist]]

Recurring check list:

- [ ] Check Box

related to:

Great, so you already have it on your radar.

I must say I’m incredibly impressed by your quick answers to every bug report, and how quick most of them are fixed :slight_smile:

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I believe this class of bugs will be fixed once we move to the WYSWYG editor. It’s a lot of work and it does make sense to do it with the current static preview.

Ah, I already notced the related issue as well and just reloaded the entire app each time I changed an embedded note ([ctrl] + [r]).

But I don’t know if this issue is really related, because the embedded note doesn’t actually change when I click the check box from the outer note, even after a refresh.

Only when I click the check mark in the embedded note this state is actually saved (and visible in the outer note after a refresh).

Now that you mention it, will the WYSIWYG be mandatory? Because I would absolutely prefer this classic code/preview model. for example only has a WYSIWYG editor, and that was a deal breaker for me, even though Zettlr is a fantastic editor.

it will not be mandatory. But for interactive things, WYSWYG makes thing much easier.

Fantastic! I just looked it up, Zettlr actually does a third think, in-place preview, which kinda mixes WYSIWYG and WYSIWYM.

What I didn’t like was the complete absence of a real preview mode, WYSIWYG itself is not that bad. I phrased that badly.

So as long as the real preview doesn’t go anywhere, I’m happy.