ChatGPT formatting in Markdown

It is surprisingly easy and useful to get ChatGPT to output content in Markdown, such as in tables or lists. Here I demonstrate how to do this (watch to the end to see Obsidian):

This is one of 7 tips I document in this article.

While this article is not specific to Obsidian, many of the techniques I learned while exploring AI inside Obsidian.


Thanks for sharing!!

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I am currently using ChatGPT 4 to format long lists and am pleasantly surprised at how well the instructions are executed.

add “[[” before and “]]” after the entire expression before “…” to the following text:

Katheryn Winnick … Lagertha - 71 episodes, 2013-2020

[[Katheryn Winnick]] … Lagertha - 71 episodes, 2013-2020

This may seem rather banal, but it saves me an enormous amount of time :slight_smile: