Chart.js integration

I found myself using a lot of advanced tables in Obsidian recently for summarising my expenses as well as progress in some of my projects. Because of that I came found myself using a lot of mermaid graphs for some data visualisation, but was naturally hindered, since mermaid graphs (except for pie chart) don’t really work well with numerical data. Of course I could just do graphs in excel, which I did, but still I though it would be cool to do it all within Obsidian itself.

With chart.js it would be possible to use a mermaid-ish syntax to create a wide array of graphs and charts suitable for data visualisation and it’s integration with markdown is already possible in Jekyll TeXT theme.

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Did you take look at the Obsidian Charts Community Plugin? Its made by me and uses Chart.js internally. I tried to simplify the Syntax a bit.
I am also planning on adding a Feature to automatically generate Charts from Tables.


God I don’t know how I missed this :sweat_smile:. Thanks a lot, I check it out

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