Changing the font size in the graph

Hi everyone, please tell me what code I can use to change the size of the text of notes in Graph? I couldn’t find a solution to this problem on the forum. I also tried to use many other themes, but the text always remains the same size. But, if I open the help section in the app, the size of the text in Graph becomes larger, which is what I need, so I assume that its display can be customized. You can see the difference in text display in the photos below:


Just in case you were unaware, there is a text threshold setting that adjusts at which point the text appears/disappears based on zoom level.

I agree that it would be helpful to adjust graph view font size. Sometimes there are certain regions or filtering of the graph where my note titles are much shorter and it would just be easier on the eyes to just crank up the font size temporarily knowing that while it may cause heavy overlap in some areas, I am not dealing with those areas at the moment.

Good idea. Thanks.


Thanks! I understand what you were saying. I returned the default settings.