Changing repeated Ribbon icons

Hello everyone, hope you’re doing well.
While installing a few plugins today, I started noticing that some Ribbon icons in my left bar were the same, like repeated. I found out that, as an example, the “Open project” icon from the Projects plugin is the same as the “Manage workspace layout” of Obsidian. The same goes for the Excel and DataLoom plugins which share the same icons. It’s just very confusing.
Now I could simply “bypass” the problem using hotkeys to open what I want, instead of just hovering over them to know which is which, but it still bothers me a lot, so I tried looking into the html and css, and I know that the part I need to edit is here <div class="side-dock-actions">. I also see the svg-icon lucide-… but I have no idea how I can change it, or if there’s already an existing setting that I can use inside Obsidian since I only want to pick a different lucide icon.

Any suggestion? TIA

I haven’t used it in a bit, but check out:

You may be able to hide the default icons community plugins put there, and add back ones with a custom icon and color.

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Thank you so much for the enlightment! It worked perfectly and it was just way too easy to set up.

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